What is Gaia Centric Healing?

Gaia Centric Healing is a membership group that Chi for Healing is creating to help people to learn how to heal chronic illness and pain with nature. 

Using the the foundations of Chinese medicine, holistic healing, wild foraging, and plant based living you can become empowered to take healing into your own hands.

Are you tired of struggling with chronic pain?

Have you tried all there can be done with traditional medicine and still have no answers? 

Have you known that there HAS to be another way to feel better but you just don't know where to start?

Have you been looking for a holistic solution for your chronic illness but it has been frustrating to find the right path?

Recently I have been looking over all of the ways that I've been able to help people over the years and I have been thinking about the best way that I can integrate all that I do to serve people. I have realized that what is truly needed is an ongoing mentorship to keep people progressing. I have worked with countless clients over 13 years of being in practice. 1 on 1 work has been impactful and rewarding. I have helped a lot of people but I also have seen that people don't always follow through and they still get stuck in their pain. So I wanted to figure out a way where I can help more people to follow through on their healing. 

Instead of the flash and then burn out that so many people fall into, imagine learning and growing every week getting healthier and better over time.

This is the way our bodies truly heal and get stronger. You and I can team up to help you to move through pain to peace. 

If you join Gaia centric healing you will gain a foundation and a road map for healing your chronic condition. 

You will Grow from seed to bloom and Transform from surviving to thriving on your healing journey. 

As part of this membership you will learn

the four pillars of self healing-

1.Nourishment (Diet and Supplementation)

2.Movement (Qigong)

3.Mindfulness (Meditation and Affirmations)

4.Therapeutics (Self Healing Tools)

You will be given a sacred path that will guide you through the stages of healing. There will be actions steps and milestones to complete on your journey. 

I am offering a Founding membership window starting 4/22 until Saturday 4/30 where you can sign up and lock in your monthly rate at $28.

What is the benefit of joining as a founding member?
You can help to shape the direction of the membership! I have started to create a framework but I have not completed all of the content. This is why I am doing this launch to get feedback on the best way to serve the members. 

If this is something you are interested in join this week!  The price will go up after this window so if you want to lock in your lifetime rate to heal with natural medicine don't miss out on this opportunity! 

SO how do you Join? At any point between now and 4/30 you can click on the link below to subscribe

Once you do that you will receive an invite to a private facebook group that is only for members. You also receive a digital download mediation sent to your inbox. 

After 4/30 I will send a poll so we can figure out a time to do a q and a session where we can start to shape the membership together. 

More information about the benefits of this membership community will be made available in the coming weeks. For updates go to @chiforhealing on social media or chiforhealing.com. If you have any questions send me a DM or email to erik@chiforhealing.com 

Listen to this client testimonial where she talks about how Erik helped her heal using the four pillars of self healing