LONG DISTANCE Herbal Consultation Sessions  

What You Get In Your Session:

We conduct our sessions using the ancient Chinese method of tongue & pulse diagnosis. For distant consults you simply take a good quality picture of your tongue (a smartphone picture will suffice) and send it to us by text or e-mail. Using our TCM knowledge, we can accurately diagnose any imbalances or conditions that are present in your body.

We are here to help people understand Taoist Chinese Medicine, and the underlying reasons behind physical conditions. Once the reasons have been identified (for example, reason behind hair loss may be weak kidney Qi), we can prescribe an herbal formula that is custom made from 6 to 10 kinds of herbal extract powders. Patent formulas, teas, and herbal tinctures are also available and may be prescribed in addition or instead of the powdered formulas as per patients needs. Our Chinese herbal extract is the best quality in the US. In order to ensure the highest quality and purity, each batch is tested by U.S. laboratories. 

We also may suggest dietary and lifestyle changes, focusing on how to incorporate Qi Gong into daily life and how to remain in the moment. Qi Gong, like all of TCM is based on an ancient Taoist philosophy which is all about going with the flow of nature. 

Often times to see lasting change it can take from 1-3 months of treatment. Working with nature’s medicine is all about going with the cycles of life. Changing long standing patterns of excess or deficiency do not happen overnight. Common wisdom is a month for every year of disharmony. That being said certain symptoms can be alleviated within 48-72 hours especially if they are acute like a cold, flu, sprain, or strain etc. 

Chinese herbs have been used for thousands of years to treat a wide variety of conditions including but not limited to auto-immmune disease, cancer, lyme’s disease, chron’s, heartburn, digestive disorders, pain, inflammatory conditions, headaches, back aches, knee pain, heart conditions, sleep disorders, gynecological issues, asthma, and more. They can be used to supplement or improve the effect of medications while also reducing side effects. Herb prices will vary depending on the condition and how long treatment is needed.

These sessions are done remotely through zoom or facetime. 


What is a holistic healing session? 

This session is catered to your needs utilizing different modalities to get to the root cause of dis-ease and bring your overall being into optimal alignment. We will focus on specific goals for your health and healing. They can be on physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual conditions. 

What is a holistic healing session like? 

We start by going over your patient intake. Follow up questions will be asked on what you fill out. Then we check your tongue and pulse to determine a baseline of your health. We then discuss healthy lifestyle changes, exercises, dietary recommendations, and detoxing solutions that will be catered specifically to your needs. We will recommend supplements, teas, and herbs that can help you on your healing journey. 

How does a holistic healing session work? 

Depending on what you want to work on determines what modalities we will use. Chinese Herbalism, Qi Gong, Meditation, Tong Ren Therapy, Sound healing, Shamanic healing, and Emotional Freedom Technique therapy are some examples of modalities that can be done through Zoom or Facetime.

What are the benefits of a holistic healing session? 

We specialize in helping people with auto-immune conditions, lyme's disease, digestive disorders, chronic pain, and chronic illness. Our goal is to give you the tools to take healing into your hands. To set you up with a program for your health and healing. 

Benefits include: Reducing inflammation, Reducing pain, Detoxifying the liver, Internal cleansing, kidney cleanse, parasite cleansing, Enhancing the immune system, easing anxiety, depression, and more...

How many holistic healing sessions will I need? 

It is suggested that you begin with a min of 6 sessions over a 3 month period to maximize effectiveness of healing. After these initial sessions it is recommended to check in monthly to help continue the progression of your healing 

How quickly can I expect results for my condition? 

Results vary depending on how long you have been suffering from your condition and what you are willing to put into your healing. Chronic conditions take longer to heal than acute conditions. Everyone is different but many people see results after their first few sessions if they apply the tools they are given. 

Who can benefit from a holistic healing session? A session can help with all issues ranging from asthma, sinus infections, common cold, immune system disorders- lyme disease, ms, arthritis, scleroderma, fibromyalgia, lupus, Chron's disease, celiac, allergies, neurological conditions- Alzheimers, Parkinson’s, stroke, bells palsy, thyroid conditions, cancer, back, hip, shoulder, knee, neck pain, migraines, menopause, edema, weight loss, blood pressure, cholesterol, gallbladder disease, stomach problems, intestinal conditions, skin conditions, stress, anxiety/depression disorders and more...

These sessions are done remotely through zoom or facetime. The choice is yours to take your healing into your hands!


For this session we use a Tong Ren doll, a crystal grid, sound healing instruments, chanting, and meditation techniques. 

The Tong Ren healing system was created by Master Tom Tam. Tong Ren combines eastern and western philosophies using Carl Jung’s theory on the collective subconscious mind and acupuncture meridians. Tong Ren therapy uses a magnetic acupuncture hammer and an acupuncture model doll. Tong Ren Therapy is based on the power of our mind creating energy for healing. The source of this energy is from the collective unconscious, which is connected to the super conscious. When we practice Tong Ren, the focusing of our mind comes from our subconscious and unconscious. 

This use of the mind with the hammer technique facilitates the breaking down of blockages, which can then let energy pass within the body freely. The bio electric system of the body becomes opened allowing for healing to occur. With Tong Ren healing, we do not need to think or focus on the breaking down of the blockages, because the thought has already been stored as memory in our subconscious mind. 

Using this hammer technique tapping on the doll, we simply focus on specific points and meridians to promote healing. We start by getting into a grounded meditative state. Then we assess what diseases or disorder you have and then tap to open up your energy field. Chanting, Sound Healing, and Crystals amplify the tapping experience. We close the session with an inspirational reading or with the picking of an angel card to assist you on your healing journey. 

Sessions can be done through zoom or facetime.



Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is a form of counseling intervention that draws on various theories of alternative medicine including acupuncture, neuro-linguistic programming, energy medicine, and Thought Field Therapy (TFT). It is best known through Gary Craig's EFT Handbook, published in the late 1990s, and related books and workshops by a variety of teachers. 

EFT and similar techniques are often discussed under the umbrella term "energy psychology". These techniques may be used to treat a wide variety of physical and psychological disorders, and as a simple form of self-administered therapy.

By tapping a series of accupoints combined with directed affirmations, this modality opens up the ancient Chinese philosophy of chi, which is thought to be the 'life force' that flows throughout the body so healing can occur.

These emotional support sessions are designed to help give you the tools to overcome anxiety, fear, depression, sadness, anger, and other emotions that may be holding you back in your life. Let go of what does not serve you anymore so you can live your true self embracing the freedom that life has to offer for you! 

Sessions can be done through zoom or facetime.