Happy Autumn-Learn about Metal Season in TCM

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We have officially entered the Metal season each day now is more yin as we shift to the cooler months of the year. Everything in nature will be dying and falling away to make way for the winter time to come.

Fall can be a hard season for people who have a hard time letting go. Very often our stuff can come up and we may not be ready to deal with it.
When this happens we have two choices:
1. We can brush it aside and stuff it back down
2. We can go with the flow and let it unfold. No matter which way things unfold be easy with yourself. If you can take time to process, journal, meditate, pray, breathe, or talk to someone.
Do whatever you need to do to move through any uncomfortable feelings. The metal element is associated with Lung and Large intestine and the emotion is grief or sadness. This is why most often the unresolved grief comes to the surface during this time of year. Look to nature and allow it to support you.
Embrace the cooler weather, the falling leaves, and the smells of autumn. The mushrooms, the plants, and the trees are all here to support you. I hope you can make the time to get outside and enjoy all that nature has to offer. If things get too intense always remember to go outside and breath in the fresh air, look towards the sun or the moon and feel peace. 
In TCM lung and large intestine are associated with the immune system and even though it is their season it is not the time that they are the strongest. This is why particularly with the blustery winds of autumn and cooler weather combined with deficiency of these organs people can be more susceptible to colds and flus in autumn. Chronic coughs and sinus infections become more common during this time of year.
I recently caught a cold it seems to be going around lately. To me it is always an invitation to slow down and rest. To take stock of where I am and where I want to go.
I always say surrender to what is and allow yourself to let go. And in time I get better and move forward with life. I use a lot of herbs, supplements, and tools to get me there but ultimately surrender and rest is the best medicine. I will be teaching about some of those tools and herbs in my strengthen immunity make and take workshop this month. 
How do you do this time of year? What are your challenges? What are your strengths? I would love to hear them. I wish you all the best during this transitionary time of year. Go with with flow and enjoy life!

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  • nancy baxter on

    appreciate this, Erik. Nice way to accept difficulties of life and find soothing in the colorful leaves, fresh air, and bright sky.

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