Beat the Heat: Learn Essential Hydration Tips!

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We have now moved into late summer in the Chinese calendar. This season is associated with the earth element, connecting with the spleen and stomach. This is the time of year with the most dampness and humidity. We certainly have felt it the month of July right? One good thing is the wild plants and mushroom are thriving in these conditions. Gardens and farmers have been having mixed results from too much moisture but in nature everything is thriving!
If you are someone who is an earth element you may have a sweet tooth and as long as you are enjoying fruit that is a great thing this time of year. The spleen does not like to be over damp but it enjoys the hydration that comes from fruits. Our brains love the glucose too! When we eat for the seasons it is a lot easier to eat more raw and lighter this time of year. Enjoy those fresh veggies from the farm or your garden. Eating more salads is a good to help cool you down so you don't overheat in this hot and humid weather. 

Here are some more tips for you to stay cool and keep yourself hydrated!  Drinking water is great but our bodies need a little bit more to stay hydrated. Sometimes you need to access the living water that is inside the fruits or veggies to get the hydration that you need. This is when I add in watermelon, grapes or other really hydrating fruits. I will also add in coconut water for electrolytes. Did you know that celery juice has electrolytes to? Juicing is always good. I love celery juice for hydration along with its other amazing benefits. Some of my other favorites are juicing watermelon, cucumber, and apples.

I recently did another cleanse from Medical Medium. This is my 9th time doing the 369 cleanse and each time it gets easier to do. I certainly see a cumulative effect from doing them as well. It is also a lot easier to do it in the summer when having all of the cold raw food is what our bodies are craving to navigate the heat and humidity. I particularly love adding in wild food like wineberries or veggies and herbs grown from the garden! For those of you who don’t know the cleanse it is very specific regiment but there are a lot of foods available to eat while on it. The only main thing is to not have any fat and to stay away from troublemaker foods like gluten, dairy, chemical additives etc. You basically have lots of fruits and veggies. The more raw the better but you can steam or bake foods as well. There is lots of juicing and smoothies particularly on the last day that is all liquid. I always feel lighter and more energized after doing the cleanse. I even have a sense of clear headedness maybe cause I am pulling heavy metals safely out of my brain! If you are looking for a plant based cleanse I highly recommend the 369 cleanse from the Cleanse to Heal book by Anthony William. He says that even doing this cleanse once can make a difference in your life forever! I have seen it with my wife in a lot of ways but particularly before she did the cleanse she could not go out in the sun without having an autoimmune reaction. Now she is able to be in the sun and not feel like her skin is going to be on fire! 

Getting back to hydration tips. I like to make a few different kinds of living water beverages. Living water is created in our beverages when we add herbs, fruits, or veggies into our water and it changes the chemistry to allow for more hydration in our cells. Some of my favorites are cucumber water, lemon or lime water, and mint water this time of year. 

1. Cucumber water- you take about 5 slices of a peeled cucumber and put in a container of water. Let it sit for a bout four hours and then pull out the cucumbers and drink the water. 

2. Mint water-I often will make a sun tea out of mint putting a bunch of mint in water and let it sit for a few hours or overnight. Then I strain and enjoy. 

3 Lemon/Lime water-You can add lemons or limes in the water the same way as the cucumbers or you can squeeze them and mix with water.

I hope these tips are helpful and that you can utilize them to stay hydrated during the hot and humid days of summer. 

If you need some support executing the 369 cleanse I am happy to help. This is why I designed my holistic health coaching sessions. I share all the I have learned about cleansing, detoxing and more to cater to what the client needs. Sessions can be done through Zoom. Feel free to setup a discovery call to learn more about what I can offer or sign up for a session through the link below today!

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