Embrace Magic on the Summer Solstice

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Happy Summer!

The summer solstice has been long awaited and it finally arrived today! This is the longest day of the year. The day of greatest yang energy in Chinese medicine. What ceremonies do you do to connect with the energies of this auspicious time of year?
I like to have a fire outside and bring out my drum. I usually play the drum and stare into the flames of the fire. Whatever way you connect with the solstice I invite you set your intentions for the rest of the year. You can also let go of what no longer serves you and release it into the fire. If you don't have access to a fire that's ok you can release it into the earth. Let mother earth transmute the energy for you. Sometimes just taking a moment to reflect on the year, on how far you have come and where you want to go can be helpful.  Connect with the abundance of nature and let it guide you to move in whatever way you are called. Have a blessed solstice! 

I recently went for a walk in the woods in a spot where Reishi mushrooms sometimes grow. I didn't have any luck but it was great to connect with nature. One of the coolest things that happened is I interacted with a red fox. It had such a playful energy, it was like a wild dog laying down and getting sun on a rock. I kept my distance but zoomed in to get the pics. We locked eyes for a while and then I slowly backed away and gave it space. It was really magical and was probably the reason why I was called to go into that particular spot in the woods. 

Thanks to Steven D. Farmer, Ph.D, in his book Animal Spirit Guides, the fox is covered as follows:

If FOX shows up, it means:

•  Trust your intuition, and be wary of someone you’re involved with who is attempting to trick you in some way.

•  Your intelligence and ingenuity are more useful now than confrontation and righteousness.

•  It is important to break out of your social conditioning and express yourself more freely.

•  Trust your senses to guide you.



•  It is important to be flexible and adaptable, using the resources you have available.



•  You’re a night person and often are most productive and creative at night while other sleeps.

•  You are a keen observer, an excellent parent or parental figure – very nurturing, protective, and conscientious.

•  You sometimes surprise everyone by coming up with obscure yet creative solutions to problems.

I hope this resonates with you it sure resonated with me. I am extremely thankful to have the interaction with the fox! 


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