How Can We Feel Safe In a Violent World? -Benefits of Reishi Mushroom

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On this memorial day weekend we certainly have much to memorialize.
The events of the elementary school shooting in Texas are bringing back so much PTSD for so many people. Particularly in CT where it has been 10 years since Sandy Hook. 

Let’s not forget about the ongoing war in Ukraine and all the other areas of conflict in the world. Most of us probably feel helpless and scared around these situations. It can be disheartening seeing these violent acts continuing to happen and we may feel like we have no control.

There is so much that is out of our control and it is sad that these things keep happening with no change in sight. You would think that after 554 school shooting victims and over 311,000 students that have experienced gun violence in schools since 1998 something would happen...

But it hasn’t.

I don’t want to start a polarizing debate of gun rights vs safety. That is one thing that happens when these things occur is there becomes so much anger and divisiveness that no positive changes happen. Many of us have become numb to these situations and our society fosters more and more of the violence.

So when we come to these moments, what do we do?
How do we handle the anxiety, stress, and emotions of it all?
How do we not let it effect us on a physical level?

My answer is ALWAYS to ground yourself in nature.

Go outside and put your feet on the ground.

Focus on roots coming out of your feet and feel the connection with all of nature around you.

Breathe and allow yourself to relax. The more peace we can find for ourselves the more peace we can send out into the world. Find ways that you can be neutral about these situations. Try not to let yourself get angry and
just focus on peace and love spreading out from your heart to all those affected. This includes not just the victims and families but the perpetrators as well. The only way we can end this cycle of violence is with love and compassion to all.

We can ask ourselves: how can we find the common ground and feel the oneness that connects us all? If all of us focus in this way we can
make a difference. In this way we can tap into the collective, the one mind of all to change our perspectives.

Of course there is so many other ways that we can take action. Calling our congressman, donating to the appropriate organizations. Volunteering and helping in whatever way we can.

But unless we change our minds the energy that we are putting out as a collective, this cycle may not change. I certainly don’t know the best solution to resolve this pattern of violence. We are probably all a little shell shocked. All I know how to do is use the tools that I have for healing and to spread healing out to the world in the ways that I know how.

Nature always has an answer for us and I hope you can find solace in nature when you are overwhelmed with emotions and feeling helpless.

This time of year is what I call Reishi season.

In my neck of the woods the Reishi peak times for growing in the wild are from the middle of May to the Middle of July. It just so happens to be the same time of the fire element in Chinese medicine which represents early summer. Isn’t it cool that they kind of look like fire red and orange!

What are some of the things that Reishi is good for?

Reishi is an adaptogenic herb that has a very calming effect on the body. From a TCM perspective it can help to tonify the Shen which resides in our heart. The Shen is our spirit and when it is out of balance patterns of anxiety and
depression are very common. So Reishi is an incredible herb for mental health. This is been perhaps one of the #1 issues that past couple years and we all can continue to use support in this area.

So isn’t that amazing that at a time with so much unrest and uncertainty with so many facets of life, Reishi grows in abundance so we can all utilize her medicine for healing? I certainly think so. 

For a limited time I am offering 15% off Reishi tinctures 
For even more information, check out this video I made about how to prepare Reishi after harvesting.

I also created this video for Toivo called the power of prayer in daily life. Maybe some of these prayers can help you. A daily practice of asking for guidance from your higher power can help to support you to get through challenging times.

It can help you to handle the ups and downs of life. Praying can also make a difference in the world. Imagine if we all sent prayers of peace
and love out the world at the same time? It would definitely be felt and heard. In this video I shared some prayers that have helped me. I encourage you to find whatever works for you that you can use to make a difference in your life.

I hope you can take a moment this holiday weekend to reflect and honor those that have been lost. Stay safe and be well. 

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