5 tips to treat seasonal allergies holistically

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Most of us look forward to the coming of spring after a long New England winter. We cherish the time to be outside with the budding of trees and the plants sprouting from the earth. Some of us however dread this time because of the seasonal allergies! If you are tired of using medicines like Claritin and inhalers to treat your symptoms and are looking for a holistic solution learn these 5 tips that can help. 

  1. Boost your immune system. The root of cause of allergies is a deficiency of the immune system. With all of the work we do to boost our immune systems in the winter it may be a good time to continue while added some different herbs than what we use in the winter. Some herbs that are good for boosting the immune system are Astragalus root and medicinal mushrooms like Reishi or Turkey Tail. Adding in dandelion and other spring greens like Stinging Nettles would be super beneficial. Nettles in particular help to balance the histamine levels in the body so they can less the allergy systems. They are also anti-inflammatory and loaded with beneficial nutrients. There are also a variety of Chinese herbs in tincture, pill, or granule form that can prevent allergies and also treat the symptoms.
  2. Eat wild food. Eat your weeds as long as there is no herbicides or other chemicals. Wild food is incredible for immunity. It can also build up your tolerance to wild plants that create allergens. Think of the theory of eating local honey. That is because they gather pollen from local plants! Springtime is a great time to harvest a variety of wild herbs like dandelion, plantain, chickweed, nettles, violets, and more. If you can’t eat wild food than try to get local food from your farmer or at least load up on organic fruits and veggies that will support you through the season. 
  3. Use a neti pot or any type of saline nasal cleaner. A neti pot is an aryuvedic technique to cleanse the nasal passageways.This can clear out the allergens from your sinus cavities and prevent them from flaring up allergies. Best especially done at night or after being outside
  4. Use a guasha tool. Guasha-translates as scraping. A stone tool is used to scrap the skin after applying oil to allow the Qi to bring blood and circulation to the surface. It can be done to alleviate sinus congestion and drain the lymphatic system. Particularly when used on the neck and face.
  5. Practice qi gong. This is a practice of moving energy in the body to promote self-healing. Qi gong opens up acupoints on the meridians of the body. It can boost the immune system and help to bring a sense of peace to the body, mind, and spirit. This can help to prevent allergies and even treat the symptoms. Learning some basic acupoints to open daily as part of the practice is extremely helpful. 

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