Happy Thanksgiving! Giving thanks, Giving Savings

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Happy Thanksgiving 

Besides Christmas, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Especially over the years I have grown to love Thanksgiving even more. These days it seems like as soon as Halloween is over the shift of focus with the mainstream media is to Christmas. Now I love Christmas, but first things first! Let us focus on giving thanks for all that we have. Let's come together to celebrate one another and be grateful to be alive one more year on this planet. I know the origins of thanksgiving aren't the best but I choose to focus on what the good things are about the holiday. Same goes with Christmas, there is so much commercialism that often people can lose sight of what the true spirit of the holiday is all about. Both holidays have the spirit of giving as a part of them. There is so much that we take in this world it feels good to give back a little. Let's give back to our family, friends, community, and strangers alike. With whatever means we have, let's do the best we can. Sometimes it's as simple as a smile to someone who looks like they could use it or maybe even a hug cause god knows lots of people can use one of those these days. It is up to us to support each other through difficult times. I think with so many going through challenges it can be hard to celebrate the holidays. Some people may not have enough or they may not have loved ones to celebrate with. I am holding space for all the people who may be struggling this holiday season.

I sure have had my share of struggles this year, but I have much to be thankful for. My plans changed this holiday I was supposed to go visit my mom and celebrate her birthday. But we had a health emergency in the family and we were not up for the travel. There are blessings in the misfortunes though. My week certainly is simpler and probably more relaxing because of that. I am blessed to still be able to visit family. I will be baking some pies and making my sweet potato casserole. My wife will make the gluten free vegan stuffing and on we will go to celebrate and give thanks. I hope you all have a blessed holiday in whatever form it takes for you. 

I have been doing a daily video on facebook focusing on gratitude. Check it out, I may go even beyond November cause I missed a few days this month. My intention was to share a reading every day during gratitude month. I shared one of the videos below.

Check out my BFCM sales for this weekend and remember to shop small this holiday season. Lots of business can use the support. Let's do what we can to support each other. Be well. 

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