Natural Poison Ivy and Weed Killer Recipe and Relief Spray

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We have lots of poison ivy in our yard and this is how I get rid of it.  

First get a pump sprayer

Get landscape vinegar which is 30% works way better than store common vinegar which is 5%. They sometimes have it at the big box stores but you can get it online.

Dilute 1/4-1/2 cup of salt in some warm water and mix in with the vinegar.

Put a few drops of dish soap

If you have hot essential oils like clove, cinnamon, thyme etc. add a few drops of them. This is optional, it will still work with just the other ingredients.

I put on a mask, gloves, and long sleeves cause it can irritate your skin and is pretty intense to inhale.

This will kill anything you spray so be mindful of that.

I like to do it in the morning of warm sunny day. It seems to work better that way.

But it will still works on a cloudy day just try not to do it right before it rains.

Jewelweed is a plant that works amazing at clearing away the urushiol oil that causes the rash. It often grows near poisonous ivy. If you think you came into contact with ivy you can rub some of the leaves and stem on the possible area that touch ivy. This can hold you over till you can scrub vigorously in the area with soap and hot water and it will rub off the urushoil oil permanently that causes the contact dermatitis. I have safely avoided getting poison ivy by using this technique when I know for sure I was exposed to the plant. Jewelweed grows vigorously usually near areas with lots of water which is often where poison ivy grows. If you don't have access to any I have made a poison ivy relief spray. 

Poison Ivy relief spray
Apple cider vinegar infused with jewelweed and plantain, Olive oil infused with jewelweed, Witch Hazel, Aloe vera juice extract, Essential oils-Tea Tree oil, spike lavender, cedar wood virginia. I sometimes add other plants like plantain, chickweed, and others that are helpful for skin. 

Spray topically for prevention when exposed to poison ivy. Jewelweed helps to dissolve the urushiol oil that is in poison ivy which causes the contact dermatitis rash. This spray can also treat poison ivy if you do end up contracting it. Spray liberally on affected area a few times a day to soothe and dry out the rash.


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