Seasonal allergy herbal remedy using wild foraged and chinese herbs

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Most of us look forward to the coming of spring after a long New England winter. We cherish the time to be outside with the budding of trees and the plants sprouting from the earth. Some of us however dread this time because of the seasonal allergies! If you are tired of using medicines like Claritin and inhalers to treat your symptoms and are looking for a holistic solution than try our allergy tonic tincture. 

This extract is made with coconut glycerin and filtered water. It is specially formulated with stinging nettles that were wild foraged in the spring of 2020 and soon to be 21. Nettles help to balance our histamine levels creating less of an allergen response. They are anti-viral and anti-inflammatory as well. Astragalus root is also known as Huang Qi in chinese medicine. It boosts the wei- qi or protective defense qi of our bodies so that our immune system stays strong and the allergens won't invade us. Peppermint helps to clear the sinuses. Mugwort is also clearing and anti inflammatory. Goldenrod is anti inflammatory also and helps to build up a resistance to allergens. Reishi mushroom supports the immune system, helps to cleanse the liver, and so much more...

This powerful blend of herbs and mushrooms can support you through the allergy season and it is even safe for kids and pets!

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