Chinese new year of the ox reflections

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“The Year of the Ox will be a year of endurance. It's no longer just about survival but about anchoring ourselves and concretizing our dreams. The Ox is associated with Yin (feminine, receptive) energy.”
From Dr. Ming Wu

I love this description of the year ahead! I feel like it is perfectly inline with where we are and we we are going. The events of the past year have given us all a lesson in endurance. I love that notion of switching from survival into anchoring ourselves in our dreams. As we have now entered into the age of Aquarius and the energy of the divine feminine it makes sense that the year of the Ox lines up the same. Tune into that energy of receiving. Winter time gives us a lot of opportunity to go within and slow down. We spend so much time with outward energy of activity it is so important to take that time to go within. I know for some that has been hard. With the usual winter blues compounded by the effects of the pandemic. If you need any assistance I would be happy to help you. I offer virtual consults in emotional support and energy healing. I have a multitude of herbal medicine that can help. The tea pictured above is a King's pu er tea that is great for balancing the heart. Consider joining one of my weekly virtual classes in Qi gong or Tong Ren. I have lots of other offerings that I am putting together too that will give more opportunities to connect and heal. This year may all your dreams come true!  

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