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I found this journal entry  from 2017 the other day and wanted to share it with you! 

"When we consciously choose to connect with the earth we are connecting with our ancestors, bringing us back to when times are simpler. In our history we walked close to the earth. Being a part of nature was being a part of life and we did not live without this connection. 
When we take time to breathe, to hear the world around us, to truly see a plant or tree, to feel the soil at our feet it is then that we truly know what it means to be alive. When we put our hands in the earth and forage for wild plants and mushrooms we deeply feel the connection to earth mother. 
Close to nature the aspects of kindness, love, compassion move through us. We learn what it truly means to have patience, acceptance, and surrender to what is. We wait all year for raspberries but they must be picked at just the right time and within a week or two they are gone. This teaches us to move through the cycles of life with grace and flow. 
Once you feel this connection it never goes away. You can come back to it at any time. When we feel this connection with all of life we can find more things that unite us than divide us. So take some time to feel, hear, and see the natural world around you. Let a smile come to your face and spread this light to another to make the world a better place! "

Having a connection to nature can have an impact on our lives in so many ways. Forest bathing has been proven to ease anxiety, depression, and more. Generally we feel good when we are out in nature. Because of that we want to do what we can to protect the earth. This can shape our actions and decisions. Picking up trash in the woods, recycling, or composting are simple things, but imagine the impact if everyone did them. There would be so much less trash in the world! 

I invite you to ask yourself 
In what ways can I connect deeper to nature?
What is one thing that I can do that can make a positive impact on the earth? 

I ask myself these questions often to help reset my priorities and bring me back to balance. Lately I have been spending as much time as possible outside gardening, foraging, or just basking in the sun. I personally am committing to picking up more trash this year. I often have a basket for foraging but I am going to make sure I always have a bag for trash too. Unfortunately I see so much trash on my walks and I don't always have a bag but I am making that a priority this year! 

I truly love this season. I am excited to see everything grow as the season unfolds. Be well and enjoy this magical time of year! 

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