Happy Indigenous People's Day

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Happy indigenous peoples day!

Here is one of my favorite prayers.

“O our father, the Sky, hear us and make a strong.

Oh our Mother the Earth, hear us and give us support.

Oh Spirit of the East, send us your wisdom.

Oh Spirit of the South, may we trade your path of life.

Oh Spirit of the West, may we always be ready for the long journey.

Oh Spirit of the North, purify us with your cleansing winds.”

-Sioux Prayer

Long before these trees had blue markers natives roamed these lands. I sometimes feel them in the winds as I walk in this land.Today we honor the native ancestors and bring awareness to native teachings social justice, and equality.

Here is another prayer

“Grandfather, look at our brokenness. We know that in all creation only the human family has strayed from the sacred way. We know that we are the ones who are divided, and we are the ones who must come back together to walk the sacred way. Grandfather, sacred one, teaches love, compassion, and honor that we may heal the earth and heal each other.”

-Ojibway prayer

I have always felt a kinship with walking the red road. The teachings have made the most sense to me in all areas but especially the spiritual connection to nature and living off the land. It has now been 20 years since I met my first teacher who taught me how to forage for wild food. He trained with Native Americans and learned how to facilitate a sweat lodge ceremony, build fire by friction, make debris shelters, cordage, make traps for hunting and so much more. I remember feeling truly alive for the first time in my life when I water fasted for 4 days and learned these skills during the day and did sweat lodges at night. It was a powerful awakening for me that changed my life and I owe it all to the native teachings. Take some time to give thanks and to do something kind for a native person. They have suffered so much persecution and yet for those who remain I hope their old ways keep them strong through these challenging times.


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