Winter wellness kits now on sale!

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Take 15% off these natural remedies for immune support. Type in coupon code grateful21. Sale ends 11/25.

The viral support tea has a new formulation including forsythia bulb, isatis root, and mint along with wild wulong tea and honeysuckle flowers.

The medicinal aromatherapy essential oil blend includes eucalyptus, rosemary, balsam fir, black spruce, and the new addition of artemisia annua-wormwood.

The immunity tonic is like an elderberry syrup. It includes elderberries, reishi mushroom, Rose hips, Lemon balm, and white pine needles made with coconut glycerin and filtered water.

The guasha tool is either white jade or green adventurine. When used with a carrier oil you can glide along the skin to open up the lymphatic system and immune system.

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