How to use guasha for pain relief

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When I work with clients with chronic pain issues I often say "we can do guasha to help with that pain you are having" most often I get a confused look like guash what? 

So what is guasha? Guasha in Chinese literally translates as scraping. First step is applying a carrier oil. Then a stone or plastic tool is used to scrap on the surface of the skin. This opens up energy and brings blood and circulation to the surface. Some of the symptoms it can help with are neck pain, headaches, low back pain, sinus congestion, drain the lymphatic system, and release muscle tension. It can also help to boost immunity by jumpstarting the bodies ability to heal itself! 

Check out this video I made on Youtube that explains more about guasha. 

It is a great self healing technique that can be used daily to bring relief. Using it on our faces, head, and neck can help with a variety of conditions. 

You purchase a guasha tool to use at home here

If you want to try this amazing healing technique when you schedule a session  request to use it as a part of your session. 

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