How to use moxibustion for healing inflammation

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What can moxibustion or moxa help with? Moxa is great for lung conditions, digestive issues, gyn issues, pain, inflammation, headaches and so much more. The way it works is the dried herb of mugwort is used to release blockage on the meridians of the body.  The ground up herb is put into either an indirect moxa applicator that includes a heat shield, used loosely in a tray, or used in stick form that is housed in a box. Each application is used by a qualified practitioner that can safely apply moxa to the patient. The heat caused from moxa can clear blockages on any level, mental, spiritual, or physical. It can be a great meditation aid as well as clearing negative energy like sage. It is mostly used to treat the above conditions and to generally wake up the energy in the body. The moxa can go deep into the meridians to move blood and qi. This helps to promote the body's own ability to heal itself. 

Check out this you tube video to learn more. 

If this is something you feel can help you click below to schedule a session and request to use moxa.

I also teach my clients how to use moxa. This can give them a daily practice to heal themselves.

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